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September 16, 2017

TR 097: The Ultimate Guide to Getting Girls with Instagram

In episode #097 of the show, I welcome Vinny from (links below) to the show. In this podcast, you'll learn:

  • How to leverage daygame to Instagram to meet girls + show instant social proof
  • Grow Instagram organically, or on steroids
  • How to "slide into the DMs"
  • And much, much more.


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Mentioned in the show:

Boost your latest photo for free (NOTE: Your profile must be PUBLIC)

Check out Vinny's service (Use coupon 'TROUBLE5')


Relevant reading/listening:

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September 11, 2017

TR 096: Why Digital Nomadism Blows

In episode 096 of Troublesome Radio, I talk about an amazing piece that my friend Vance from My Latin Life wrote a while back:

Make sure to read Vance's post that this entire episode is based around.

All of the good, and bad, of being a digital nomad is discussed in great detail. This episode features my narration of the post as well as additional thoughts I have about the points he brings up.


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Troublesome Radio runs every Sunday at 10am EST.

For my other shows, see The Dating Abroad Podcast or The Nomad and Nerdy Show.


Also mentioned:

PS: How many times have you spent a meager amount of money and totally wasted it? Go Date Online is as cheap as $5 a month and gets you more dates, FAST. Learn more here.

September 3, 2017

TR 095: I Almost Went Back to Corporate America

In episode #095 of Troublesome Radio, I talk shop about the time I almost went back to Corporate America. You might be surprised to learn that it was actually only a few months ago (January, to be precise).

Man, am I glad I didn't though, because of how much I'm making now. I talked about that in this podcast.

The Corporate America gig is not for me, but that doesn't mean it's not the right fit for some (or hell, even most) people. And there are parts of the expat life that sometimes really, really suck.

Also, the Labor Day Sale is ending real soon, so don't miss out on here to learn more.


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If you enjoy this podcast, please leave a review for the show on iTunes---it takes 30 seconds or less.


Troublesome Radio runs every Sunday at 10am EST.

For my other shows, see The Dating Abroad Podcast or The Nomad and Nerdy Show.


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Appearance on Craig's show

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August 27, 2017

TR 094: How to Deal With Promiscuity in Modern Dating

In episode #94 of Troublesome Radio, I discuss what it's like dealing with promiscuity in today's modern dating world.

  • How do you get out of this mindset so that you are not always chasing?
  • How do you kill the part that thinks about the relationship shit and just focus on fun?
  • How do you deal with girls who have been gang-banged into orbit?

All of this, plus I drop the phrase "volcanic diarrhea" multiple times. You'll have to listen to find out the why behind that!

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Modern society...

  • Encourages promiscuity
  • Punishes men who want relationships
  • Rewards women for NOT wanting that
  • Women do not want relationships with men who want relationships - REMEMBER THIS IF NOTHING ELSE.

So what do you do?

Listen to find out...

Mentioned in the show:

Wroclaw, Poland

The Harem Handbook (get it on my Labor Day sale! - sign up here)

The Dating Abroad Podcast

Nomad + Nerdy 006

August 18, 2017

TR 093: Why Did I Start 2 New Podcasts? And Other Happenings…

In episode #93 of Troublesome Radio, I talk about what's going on in the world of Trouble. 

From starting two new podcasts and what YOU can learn from them, plus revealing my June and July 2017 income reports, this episode is jam-packed with some cool stuff that's on the verge of coming.

Like the show? You know what to do:

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Items of mention in TR #093:

 Troublesome Radio drops every Sunday at 10:00am EST.

August 4, 2017

TR 092: Where to Travel For Older Gentlemen & Players


In episode 92 of Troublesome Radio, I talk about the nomad and international dating scene...for the older cats.


[1:40] I talk about why dropping $20 on a bottle of vodka isn't going to impress anyone.

[3:05] Why you need to be willing to spend money and not be a penny-pincher, as detailed in this post.

[4:45] South America is exhausting + draining - why?

[6:30] Why I personally choose to live in Eastern Europe

[10:00] The expensive restaurant scam with sushi + shisha

[12:30] The "Love Me" experience where you pay to meet 100s of women and why it's a scam

[18:00] The tests that are going to come your way, and how to combat them...


And a lot more.


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July 25, 2017

TR 091: 7 Takeaways About Business from Mad Men


[So, needless to say - MASSIVE, MASSIVE spoiler alert. If you haven't seen Mad Men or are currently watching it, don't listen to this as I'm giving everything away.]

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about 3 lessons in Game I took away from Don Draper in Mad Men. Click here to read it.

This time, I'm back with the business lessons that I promised before. In this 40-minute solo episode, you'll learn...

  • How to manage a harem - I briefly discuss all of the Game points that I mentioned in the post, and reveal some of my inner secrets that are also in The Harem Handbook.
  • (Also relevant: Why Women Are Okay Being In A Harem)
  • Why, if a girl loves you, you can get away with murder.
  • Knowing your audience - how to tell who your business targets should be for maximum results, best conversions, and more.
  • Why you shouldn't go into business with friends - I share some of my stories and discuss the lessons I learned the hard way.
  • How to delegate + outsource - a tricky subject to tackle. I explain when and why you SHOULD delegate...and more importantly, when you SHOULDN'T.
  • Why art only goes so far - if you want a BUSINESS...treat it like so.

And much, much more...

Make sure to download + share the episode, and let me know what you think!


PS: Speaking of making $$$ - Pro Niche Site is a free workshop that teaches you how to make $100 online for the first time. Click here to sign up for the FREE videos.

PSS: If you're sick and tired of not getting the girls you want in life, you must master "dating technology". It's the only way to arm yourself with the tools to find success over the long term. For less than $9/month, you can have insights into all of my texts over the years with girls. When's the last time you wasted $9 on something and got nothing from it? This is worth it.

July 21, 2017

TR 090: Epic Road Trips and Fart Openers (With Goldmund Unleashed)


In episode #90 of Troublesome Radio, I welcome Goldmund Unleashed to the show to talk about a variety of topics. Some of the things we touch upon include...

How to handle your first solo Game trip - we both share how to overcome the potential ruts of a long, solo trip. How to have the energy to go out every night, and most of all - how to fucking enjoy yourself!

Some excellent openers to get you started in game - also, there's a great moment where I look like a total moron. Did you know there are 5 oceans? Ha!

How to truly love the game + not get burned out. I've always told guys that if you want to see someone who truly sees Game as art, read Goldmund's stuff. He touches on the how and why behind this.

How YOU can reach the "next level" of game - we talk harems, open relationships, and more...

Plus, a lot of other great stories and information.

You can follow Goldmund on Twitter. His books in general are excellent; I'd highly recommend Art of the One Night Stand for entertainment + great game lessons.

July 11, 2017

TR 089: Everything About Pro Niche Site Answered

In episode #89 of Troublesome Radio, I talk about my latest product - Pro Niche Site. In this 30+ minute episode, you'll learn about:

  • The making of the 6 FREE videos and what they'll teach you. For the record, those videos will always be available free of charge...but I will at some point close down that opt-in page. Download those videos here.
  • What's inside Pro Niche Site?
  • Clarification of the office hours, which are every Thursday where you can LIVE chat with me and pick my brain about anything relating to your niche site (or even girls haha).
  • Why internet marketers make it so difficult to get your money back, and how my own 30-day-guarantee works (I don't want to make it difficult!)
  • TIME SENSITIVE INFORMATION: The cart is closing this weekend on coaching (or when slots fill), so don't miss out.

==> You can enroll in PNS right here.

July 7, 2017

TR 088: Building The Life YOU Want (Special Guest: Jon Anthony)

In episode #88 of Troublesome Radio, I sit down with Jon Anthony from Masculine Development to talk about a variety of topics. Jon has been through a lot in his life and has a lot of insights for someone his age (I am saying this as an "old guy" - hell, my birthday is coming up soon!).

This hour-long episode teaches you:

  • How to tell a "good" PUA course or bootcamp from a "shit" one. Plus, why Jon actually wants to get into this business down the road. I think he's crazy for doing it, but his reasoning behind it is solid.
  • How to get into Cryptocurrency cloud mining as an investment.
  • [If you haven't heard the ultimate crypto podcast, click here]
  • The potential bubble of the market that's going to pop...eventually.
  • How Jon balances work + life + girls: moving from maintenance to moving forward.
  • What to do about online business if you're starting - Jon recommends going the niche site route. Pro Niche Site is still on sale, and I promise I didn't ask him to endorse it ;)

Make sure to check out Jon's site and his book about the 7 steps of self development.

In any case, that wraps up episode #88. Who and what do you want to hear on future podcasts? Leave a comment below with your suggestions.

PS: As of publishing this, Pro Niche Site has gone up in price...but it's only going higher. So if you missed your chance to get in, it's not too late. Stop putting off your freedom, f*ck you money, and dreams. Click here to enroll.