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In episode 018 of Troublesome Radio, Mark and I discuss… His divorce story – no holds barred. Can marriages be saved? Mark chimes in on his perspective regarding nuclear families. Monogamy vs. non-monogamy in regards to marriage and relationships. How he’s recovered over the five year process. Red flags to heed when you’re dating crazy girls. How he deals with the societal pressures of raising kids (i.e. daughter encouraged to be a slut, sons encouraged to be pussies). Mark also recently posted a 3-part series on my friend Christian McQueen’s blog – it’s an excellent read.

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In this episode, we discuss all about Kyle’s trip from Corporate America slave to author.

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Today I welcome the one and only LA Playboy, a fellow Los Angelo and whom I've had the pleasure of causing trouble with several times.

In today's episode:

How to handle dating girls 10+ younger than you. We answer a lot of questions about sex. A lot. Everything you could possibly want to know about Los Angeles. Date strategies, from logistics to sealing the deal. How to handle girls - do you make them cum every time, or give them an experience? AND A LOT MORE.

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Troublesome Radio 015

Developing Passive Pussy as a Bartender

Special Guest: @BrissBrass

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Discussed in this show:

Nick's two lay reports from his bartending job in just a couple months working there Girls and their subtle cues - you must pick up on them and lead as the man How to game "tourist" girls Future plans in Poland (brief). And much more. P.S.: My new book is being released March 7th. Find out more here.

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TR 014: Why You Shouldn't Be Monogamous (Special Guest: by Kyle Trouble

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Troublesome Radio Episode 013

How To Pick Up Latinas

Special Guest: El Conquistador of

Today I welcome my friend and fellow troublemaker El Conquistador to Troublesome Radio. I had the pleasure of meeting up with EC in Barranquilla, Colombia last November when I took my first trip to South America. We had a great time, and his Spanish course and general knowledge helped me immensely.

In episode 13, you'll learn...

El Conquistador's path from his first trip abroad to location independent nomad What countries in Latin America have the best women? Teaching English abroad: salaries, perks, hours/week, etc. The Spanish essentials you need to know to land in a Latin country and get your flag in a short amount of time Why the "mass market" programs such as Rosetta Stone may not be the best way to learn Spanish for a short trip The difference of gaming in Latin America versus the western countries How to deal with safety in Latin American countries - hint: the media blows it out of proportion TONS of tips on online game, daygame, and nightgame How his product, Pickup Spanish, helped me get my Colombian flag within a day of landing And many more insights into Latina women, culture, and tips for first-time travelers El Conquistador wanted to give readers here an exclusive offer for the week.

Use coupon code 'TROUBLE' to get Pickup Spanish for $47 (usually $67). This is a killer deal for anyone looking to meet some cute Latinas while speaking their language.


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Troublesome Radio Episode 012 Burning the Bridge When Leaving Your Job

Listen to learn about…

The laws employers face when they have to decide whether to let you stay for two weeks, or walk you out. How I handled it my sticky situation at work. Why selfishness is always the best path for a man. How I’m enjoying my new life as an entrepreneur.

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TR 011: Reflection the Night Before I Quit My Job by Kyle Trouble

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In episode 10 of Troublesome Radio, I dive into a personal story about how different men and women are when they turn 18.

This show was inspired by a conversation I had just had with a friend who has two kids, one boy, one girl, aged 2 and 1.

Listen and learn about your journey as a man:

How to deal with being 18 and feeling stuck How to capitalize on your youth and be better at 21, 24 Dealing with women trying to snag you before you hit your prime Why college may be a complete waste of time

Things mentioned in the show:

The Harem Handbook System Illimitable Man The 4 Pillars of Self Improvement Hardships of Being a Man

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TR 009: Interview With The Girl Who Found My Blog, Shit Tests, & More by Kyle Trouble

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