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#01: How We Got Here

It's time to change it up.

Clearly, the daily format shows are not working, so I'm starting anew (with the same channel feed).

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In this podcast, we discuss:

  • Video game addiction and how it wrecked my early stages in life
  • The 9-5 and how I became disillusioned by it
  • My first trip to Poland
  • The crazy trip to Hungary that made me really question what I was doing
  • The moment in time that made me "go for it"
  • What's happened since...

Mentioned and Relevant:

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In episode #86 of Troublesome Radio, I welcome @RogueDarren back to the show---this time to talk about Bitcoin and alt-coins. We recorded #86 right after #85, so if you missed that---click here to give it a listen. 

Here are some of the various questions we tackled (in no particular order):

A huge thanks (again) to Darren for being a part of the show. It was a pleasure having him on and I hope to have him on again in another year's time! 

PS: Speaking of making $$$Pro Niche Site is launching on June 28th. For early-bird access and prices, go here.

PSS: If you're sick and tired of not getting the girls you want in life, you must master "dating technology". It's the only way to arm yourself with the tools to find success over the long term. For less than $9/month, you can have insights into all of my texts over the years with girls. When's the last time you wasted $9 on something and got nothing from it? This is worth it.

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In episode 63 of Troublesome Radio, I welcome @MikeRMedici (on Twitter) to the show. Michael is a 23-year-old hedge fund employee who has done a hell of a lot with his life thus far. We got along well and it was a pleasure to have him on TR.

INTRO: Mike discusses his plans to be a billionaire within seven years and a lot more. PISA: Physical. Intellectual. Social. Artistic. What's your development system? Also discuss balancing life and improvement across all spectrums or focusing on one. TWITTER: Mike flew by me as far as followers. We talk about your strategy for building an audience and more. FINANCE: College, BitCoin, daytrading, and more. YACHT WEEK!: A hell of a time.

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On episode 47 of Troublesome Radio, I welcome Jon of to the show. We talk about the foundations of masculinity, which include…

Early pickup artist stuff and the evolution to the more masculine principles

How you can avoid falling into a dangerous and unhealthy cycle with self improvement

Some of Jon’s tips for getting girls, getting laid, and living a happy and balanced life

And much, much more!

You can follow Jon on Twitter here.

Lastly, leave a comment below and let Jon and I know what you think of the podcast.



PS: TR047 — The Foundations of Masculinity is presented by The Harem Handbook this week. If you’re a man of action and act within 24 hours, you can get lifetime access to this revolutionary course for just $199 (normal $499).

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TR 043: How to Use Technology & Sugar Dating to Get Laid (Special Guest: by Kyle Trouble

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Today, I welcome Vance of to Troublesome Radio.

I actually used Vance's site as a helpful guide to planning my trip to Colombia last year, and I'm thrilled to welcome him to the show. On episode 41 of Troublesome Radio, Vance and I discuss...

Vance's story of quitting his job and his first "long" trip abroad (9 months, all over South America). His favorite cities in South America, and why. 1st or 2nd tier cities--which is better for the first time traveler? How much Spanish do you need to know? How much being a white guy in South America impacts your ability to get girls. Why getting the top tier girls is no easier than it is in the West. Finally, how to make a final escape--Vance shares some information about getting a second passport (you can read about my journey regarding that here).

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Ivan Throne of the Dark Triad Man joins me for a second episode. The first episode is by far the most played in the history of Troublesome Radio.

On TR 036, we discuss a variety of topics...


How does a man like Trump just KEEP GOING? He only sleeps four hours a night supposedly. What direct actions will Trump's election help the modern man with? Likewise, what could be the downside of a Hilary election? What does her past actions say for the ethics of women as a whole? How can men achieve success or a motivation like Trump?


"Rapefugees" - how are they all coming over and WHY? WHY do the leaders of the EU, and to a lesser extent, Obama, keep allowing them in despite their statistically greater likelihood of murder, rape, etc.? Will Trump protect us from the horrors of Orlando happening again? What about in other parts of the world?


The difference in person versus what Western media shows on the news Why does the media depict so much terror (gruesome images and reports) but then try to make us feel "safe" (by showing lots of extra police/scanners/dogs/etc. which DO NOT EXIST).

And much more!

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