TR 084: The Top 10 Things Men MUST Require of Women

In episode #84 of Troublesome Radio, I talk about my recent Twitter threads that got quite a bit of attention. 

Thread #1

Thread #2

If you Google, “What men want in a relationship”, it’s full of bad advice from women trying, with good intentions, to help each other out. Well, this podcast is for both:

  1. The men out there who are looking for the absolutely BEST in life, and willing to make endless sacrifices for that.
  2. The women who are truly feminine, looking to improve, and wanting to find the best man they can. If you are a girl who likes the idea of a career, loves cats, or is fat or generally unpleasant—you’ll hate this show. Don't listen (even though I know you will anyway).

What men want in a relationship is actually quite simple, once you filter past all of the bullshit. I believe these ten things that I randomly jotted down and tested on Twitter are the truth.

I firmly think that if most men followed this guidelines and found a woman who was on board, the majority of them would find then classify themselves as “very happy.”

Here are the ten things men should demand for women:

  1. Must be easygoing
  2. Must be able to cook, or at least working on that
  3. Has your back, holds grudges on your enemy
  4. Has opinions and knows when it's appropriate to speak them
  5. Knows how to give you space

As for the other five - you'll have to listen to find out!

It's also worth noting that I did write a nearly 2,000 word post on the same issue. This podcast was much more of a very epic rant.

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