TR 037: The Impending War on the West (Special Guest: The Dark Triad Man)

Ivan Throne of the Dark Triad Man joins me for a second episode. The first episode is by far the most played in the history of Troublesome Radio.

On TR 036, we discuss a variety of topics...


How does a man like Trump just KEEP GOING? He only sleeps four hours a night supposedly. What direct actions will Trump's election help the modern man with? Likewise, what could be the downside of a Hilary election? What does her past actions say for the ethics of women as a whole? How can men achieve success or a motivation like Trump?


"Rapefugees" - how are they all coming over and WHY? WHY do the leaders of the EU, and to a lesser extent, Obama, keep allowing them in despite their statistically greater likelihood of murder, rape, etc.? Will Trump protect us from the horrors of Orlando happening again? What about in other parts of the world?


The difference in person versus what Western media shows on the news Why does the media depict so much terror (gruesome images and reports) but then try to make us feel "safe" (by showing lots of extra police/scanners/dogs/etc. which DO NOT EXIST).

And much more!

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