TR 041: The Ultimate Guide to South America for Nomads (Special Guest: MYLATINLIFE.COM)

Today, I welcome Vance of to Troublesome Radio.

I actually used Vance's site as a helpful guide to planning my trip to Colombia last year, and I'm thrilled to welcome him to the show. On episode 41 of Troublesome Radio, Vance and I discuss...

Vance's story of quitting his job and his first "long" trip abroad (9 months, all over South America). His favorite cities in South America, and why. 1st or 2nd tier cities--which is better for the first time traveler? How much Spanish do you need to know? How much being a white guy in South America impacts your ability to get girls. Why getting the top tier girls is no easier than it is in the West. Finally, how to make a final escape--Vance shares some information about getting a second passport (you can read about my journey regarding that here).

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