TR 057: Your Future Under The God Emperor (With The Dark Triad Man)

In episode 57 of Troublesome Radio, I again welcome my friend Ivan Throne--this time to discuss Trump's victory.

Make sure you pick up a copy of Ivan's latest book, The 9 Laws.

To listen to Ivan's other appearances, you can listen to TR 025 here and TR 037 here. Topics covered here in TR 057 include:

Trump's strike that was years in the making The election night victory and elation What does this mean for the Left? Are they done? Is America going to be made great again--and will men stop being such pussies? The answer: YES! Being a man is going to come back into fashion in a lot of ways Ivan talks about his new book, The 9 Laws Ivan, it's a pleasure as always.

Enjoy fellas!

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