TR 063: PISA - Physical, Intellectual, Social, Artistic (Special Guest: @MikeRMedici)

In episode 63 of Troublesome Radio, I welcome @MikeRMedici (on Twitter) to the show. Michael is a 23-year-old hedge fund employee who has done a hell of a lot with his life thus far. We got along well and it was a pleasure to have him on TR.

INTRO: Mike discusses his plans to be a billionaire within seven years and a lot more. PISA: Physical. Intellectual. Social. Artistic. What's your development system? Also discuss balancing life and improvement across all spectrums or focusing on one. TWITTER: Mike flew by me as far as followers. We talk about your strategy for building an audience and more. FINANCE: College, BitCoin, daytrading, and more. YACHT WEEK!: A hell of a time.

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