TR 083: How to Build Your Dream Product & Business


In episode #83 of Troublesome Radio, I invited Alex Mangini (@aamangini) on to the show to discuss building products, websites, and blogging. Alex is the creator and designer of Marketer's Delight.

In this 70+ minute episode, you'll learn...

  • Alex's backstory---how he sold his first website at a raw 18 years old for a cool $20,000. Does he have any regrets about it?
  • How to overcome the beginning struggles of being an entrepreneur. Most importantly, Alex talks about how you MUST be the biggest advocate of your own product, every time.
  • How to measure the DEMAND for your product in the marketplace---which is probably the most important thing you must do (and a mistake I've made). In addition, how you differentiate yourself in an already-crowded market.
  • Can you CREATE a market? Or is it best to "do better" than current products in the market? Alex shares his thoughts on this.
  • Is it worth it to have business partners? Alex and I mostly agree on this.
  • Programming---is it worth it to learn, and if so---where do you start?
  • Finally, what's coming up for Alex and his business.

Again, this is 70+ minutes of killer advice from two people who have made a lot of mistakes in our own businesses.

Alex and I are both a bit young, and definitely don't know everything---but we do know a thing or two.

Enjoy the episode and let us know what you think!

While I'm a huge proponent of one of Alex's competitors (and inspirations!), Thrive Themes, I'm actually about to take Marketer's Delight for my own test drive (on a new niche site I'm about to start building as early as this week). I can't wait to give it a shot and review MD, too!

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