TR 085: Guide to Search Engine Marketing (Advice From a 7-Figure Business Owner)

In episode #85 of Troublesome Radio, I welcome my friend Darren back to the show to chat about SEM (Search Engine Marketing). If you haven't heard Darren's appearance way back on episode #24, go give it a listen.

In episode #86, we dive into an hour-long show about how he's made a bucketload of money on trading crypto currencies this year---you won't want to miss it.

In this action-packed episode 85 though, you'll learn...

  • What exactly search engine marketing entails, and how to get started
  • How offline and online business works very, very differently---people are willing to spend a lot of money.
  • Why some of his clients pay $75+ for clicks for a single ad
  • How much do you have to expect to spend to get any good data? 
  • How do you get tracking details in place and set up properly
  • ...finally, is all of this beyond the guy who just wants to make a few bucks from his blog?

As a side note, and I forgot to mention this on the show---if you're looking to get into Search Engine Marketing, many of you who have signed up with Bluehost or other web hosts will have a credit (usually $100-$200) for ads on Google or Bing.

Don't forget to hit subscribe to the Podbean page - episode #86 will be out very, very shortly and it's not to be missed...

But for now, enjoy the show!

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