In episode #87 of Troublesome Radio, I welcome my longtime friend Jeremy Sploosh to the show to talk about Red Pill relationships, the state of California, and we reminiscence about how insane trip to Budapest a few years ago.

In this packed one hour show, you'll learn...

  • The current state of the state of California - why it's gone so far downhill, what day to day life is like, and more about the general political scape of America's sunniest state.
  • Some of the best memories of our Budapest trip and what we learned from it.
  • How to have a healthy Red Pill relationship - Jeremy takes the veil off of his own relationship. How and why he can sleep with other girls, how he has trained his girl to search for 3somes, and much more.
  • Player burnout - is it a real thing? Is eternal bachelorhood sustainable under circumstances?
  • Our future children...:X

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