TR 092: Where to Travel For Older Gentlemen & Players


In episode 92 of Troublesome Radio, I talk about the nomad and international dating scene...for the older cats.


[1:40] I talk about why dropping $20 on a bottle of vodka isn't going to impress anyone.

[3:05] Why you need to be willing to spend money and not be a penny-pincher, as detailed in this post.

[4:45] South America is exhausting + draining - why?

[6:30] Why I personally choose to live in Eastern Europe

[10:00] The expensive restaurant scam with sushi + shisha

[12:30] The "Love Me" experience where you pay to meet 100s of women and why it's a scam

[18:00] The tests that are going to come your way, and how to combat them...


And a lot more.


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